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Recent Report: Report Warns Over 25% of Louisiana's Rural Hospitals at Risk of Closure

Mar 13, 2024

Declining reimbursements, shrinking margins, and staffing shortages threaten vital healthcare safety nets, endangering public health and local economies

A new report by healthcare consulting firm Chartis reveals that over 25% of Louisiana's rural hospitals are deemed "vulnerable to closure" due to factors such as decreasing reimbursements, declining operating margins, and staffing shortages. The analysis highlights the critical role rural hospitals play as "safety nets" providing healthcare to individuals, with closures jeopardizing both public health and local economies. Lee Chastant, CEO at West Feliciana Parish Hospital, emphasizes the economic impact, noting that hospitals are often major employers in communities. With 30 vulnerable hospitals shutting down in the last four years, concerns are raised about the potential devastating consequences for rural health.

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