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Inpatient Acuity Capture Experts

Our team partners directly with you to improve acuity capture accuracy, optimizing the reimbursement per claim. It's that simple.

Our SANDIOLA team partners with your team to improve acuity capture accuracy to optimize average value per claim  

Who We Are

Our Team focuses on Clinical Documentation Integrity services/DRG optimization for independent, community hospitals.

What We Believe

We believe every hospital should be paid what they have rightfully earned, especially the independent, community hospitals that are the lifeblood of the communities they serve.

Our Promise

What sets us apart? We work on contingency … if we don't secure additional reimbursement for your hospital, there's no cost to you. 

Customer Success

Southwest Independent For-Profit Hospital
$1.4M Recaptured Annual Revenue

50 Inpatient beds

$65M Annual facility inpatient revenue 

1,500 Annual inpatient Medicare discharges 

The Problem

Due to resource challenges, independent, community hospitals often struggle with capturing patient acuity on their most difficult cases which negatively impacts reimbursement and quality outcomes.

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Our Solution

SANDIOLA uses four “levers” to ensure acuity is properly captured:

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Why It Works

Sandiola's CDI/Coding specialists are clinicians dual credentialed in CDI and Coding from ACDIS and AHIMA. Because of this, our clients can be certain that patient acuity will be correctly captured on every case we review. 

Additionally, our proprietary case prioritization algorithm focuses our team’s effort on the most important cases first, ensuring that the cases which have the biggest impact on Case Mix Index receive the most attention. The Sandiola team continually collaborates with the hospital staff in real-time to ensure all cases are correctly documented in the electronic medical record and CDI and Coding best practices are shared.


The talent you need when you need it

Speed to value

Realize ROI within 4 weeks

On-going training

Ongoing training for Coders, CDIs, physicians


Concurrent, Pre-bill, and Post-bill collaborative workflow options

Ready to start your success story?

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